Gallivanting Around Bangkok

More Sakura-like trees.

Chatuchak Park

This chef was holding his own mini-magic show

Really tasty paella


Manggang hilaw at 40TBH (60 pesos). If we pretended to be Thais, we would have probably been offered a cheaper price.

Chatuchak market is a good spot to try Thai seafood.

Mixture of fruits that will be turned into smoothies.

Little octopus

Chatuchak Park

Pigeons walking around.

Photography-enthusiasts taking pictures of the sakura-like trees.

First dinner at a local diner.

Finally tried some Barramundi

On our way to the floating market.

This is how “traffic” looks like in a palengke like this.

Classic Thai dessert.

150 Baht for this Pad Thai.

Eating lunch on our boat. Couldn’t get more authentic than this.

Still eating lunch while the boat runs at full speed.

Part of the floating market tour is visiting temples such as this one.

Feeding fishes. 10 TBH per pack of seafood.

Portraits of the royal family is a common sight when you are walking around the city.

Can you believe this is a food stall?

Gate to the Grand Palace.

A map of Wat Pho

The famous golden reclining Buddha. It’s impossible to get a proper picture of the whole thing because it’s soooooo HUGE!

Map of Lumpini Park. One of the things that I have come to like about Bangkok is it’s many parks with man-made lakes.

Lake inside Lumpini Park

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